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The Fairytale


Did you know that there is an entire industry dedicated to providing princesses for birthday parties?  I would know.  I’ve been a “princess” for those parties for  8 years.  I’ve seen it all, and made some wonderful and "interesting" memories.  And from those memories, #PRINCESSPROBLEMS was born: 

Girls love princesses, and Bree is no exception.  As a struggling but very positive actress, she started her own children’s birthday party company, living out her fantasies of being a princess.  When Jess, a very practical and feminist writer, is assigned to do a story on female role models, she follows Bree to parties to see if princesses are still ideal heroes for little girls.  Even through bratty kids, absent parents, and miserable party conditions, Bree tries to prove that princesses can be strong and independent, and sometimes exactly what little girls need in today’s world.  

We are keenly aware of the importance of making a film about female role models. This is why we have helmed this project with an ALL FEMALE TEAM.  We put together a diverse crew with of 7 women and 5 men so the 8 young girls on set could see STRONG WOMEN in positions of power and that there isn’t anything they can’t do. 

We aren’t stopping at festivals with this film.  Our goal is to see #PRINCESSPROBLEMS as a 30 minute tv show.  The hilarious situations Bree can find herself in are endless, and a tv show would be a fantastic way to continue her journey.  And the best part is, the stories of the princess party industry have not been told yet.  #PRINCESSPROBLEMS is the way to do it, to show the humanity, realism, and hilarity of exactly what this job is.  And with the current feminist movement, #PRINCESSPROBLEMS puts a microscope on the forever popular favorite of little girls….THE PRINCESS.  

-Brittney Lee Hamilton

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