#PrincessProblems: The Fairytale

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Little girl’s love princesses. As a matter of fact, they love them so much that there is an entire industry dedicated to providing princesses for birthday parties. I would know. I’ve been a “princess” for those parties for almost 7 years. I've been very lucky to work for a wonderful children's entertainment company in NJ: Bella Princess (www.bellaprincess.com). Through this company, I have had the privilege to connect with and make memories with families across the tri-state area. And from those memories, #PRINCESSPROBLEMS was born.

This dark comedy short follows Bree, an overly optimistic but out of work actress, who started her own princess company. She loves princesses, and sees the world through positive, pixie dust clouded eyes. She thinks she is getting a bit of big break when Jess, a practical and feminist journalist, is assigned to follow her around and write a story on female role models. Jess is the antithesis of Bree-she sees the realistic nature of the world, and doesn’t think princesses are doing today’s youth any favors. But, Bree is determined to prove her wrong. We come to understand that feminism has many different faces. Whether you lead from your mind or your heart, it’s best to stay open to learning from each other, so we can be inspired to maybe meet somewhere in the middle.

Now, here’s the deal, if I am making a film about female role models, I want to walk the walk.

So, with the help of my director, Maritza Gomez, and my producer Kelly Remenik, we are putting together an ALL FEMALE TEAM. With young impressionable actresses on set, we want to surround them with all WOMEN so they can see that there isn’t anything they can’t do.

For the cast, we’ve secured Shyrley Rodriguez as Jess. She starred in Baz Luhrmann’s THE GET DOWN, and she will be seen this February in the upcoming film ISN’T IT ROMANTIC with Rebel Wilson and Betty Gilpin. And, of course, I will be Bree.

We aren’t stopping at festivals with this! Our goal is to see #PRINCESSPROBLEMS as a 30 minute episodic TV show, and we are determined to see that happen!

And the best part is, the stories of the princess party industry have not been told yet. #PRINCESSPROBLEMS is the way to do it-to show the humanity, realism, and hilarity of exactly what this job is. And with the current movement of female empowerment, #PRINCESSPROBLEMS puts a microscope on the forever popular favorite of little girls….the Princess.

I hope you will follow, share, and contribute to our journey! We cannot wait to bring #PRINCESSPROBLEMS to the big screen.

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